SRDO Introduction

SRDO (Special Research and Development Organization) is a visionary project of Life Flame Foundation aimed at providing the best of educational need to those who need it.Comprehensive Educational package is a concept which envisaged right from the beginning and has been the boon to the students since all amenities being provided under one roof as platform for hunters in search of Job despite of strong educational background are unemployed with a vision to cater the surrounding affected with sub standard level of education where as our constitution empowers the citizen that education for all. Under this program a certificate course is provided that is mandatory to get Diploma in Tuition Teacher (D.T.T) certificate to educate any one in any part of the country. Under this procedure after selection Education will be provided through Selected Teachers which will be given at very moderate cost under SRDO at the Village level to every Tiny touts who is residing in the nearby vicinity and have even moderate interest in research level professional study. It has been seen that due to poor financial background most of the children in our villages fails to afford tuitions. Henceforth this initiative may prove the , SRDO vision to provide the education at minimal costs to our deprived children with various incentives and idea of generating intelligence among all the students.

In present scenario qualitative Education plays the most important role in a every aspects of life of Human being. In this professional situation every body enjoys the effect and affect of the qualitative education at every juncture of the life and getting options at every point of situation to judge and decide , what to do ? SRDO extends help to all the students who need Study and have a vision to become a professional and to become Law abiding citizen and to prepare themselves to face any adverse situation with high degree of patience and confidence. Our vision is to provide Education at affordable rates to all children and the study centres to be established within easily commutable distance. SRDO has to establish centre in all villages of the state to fulfil the existing need of the students subject to availability of students and teachers vice versa.

This Organisation has vision provide Computer Education to every students. All students will have the opportunity to avail all types of available resources even existing and developing technologies by means of involving in practical and nature based science projects. This organisation will also ensure the student’s health by means of providing physical and sports oriented classes apart from providing first aid with basic life saving medicines and treatment at these centre free of cost. The students will be educated on the matter related to the environment so that they can lead as responsible law abiding citizens with a vision to make them cosmopolitan. Children are the only real future of the every country, subject to getting proper education in suitable environment.

SRDO offers the unique advantage of cutting edge technology, this educational plan is to provide Education to five children at the cost of the tuition fee of a single child in the close vicinity of the residence. Under this plan the tuition fee is being fixed by the management once in a six month for particular area based on survey of the management of the organisation. Fee charged per child is negotiable to two or more children from the same family. That is, a single parents can educate up to three children by just paying for one and a joint family can five. Certainly this plan will help to bring down the financial burden on the families who to educate their children. At SRDO we ensure to secure every student’s future by providing them Education through Tuition and nature based health care.