This is an analogous project of the organization based on the requirement of the Life Flame Foundation by a group of socially responsible, selfless, philanthropists people to have continuous research for the purpose of better employment on the existing pattern of Education and Employment for the welfare of the public and the Nation also. Education is the first ladder to keep our self well being and subsequently Employment is also an opportunity to grab for better prospect subject to availability of the requirement of the said prospect in that particular field.

Our organization has prearranged the trained Teachers to educate the students in all over india with a strong mindset to change the scenario of the education in order to swing and fly in the sky of research by the creative action of the tiny touts born in our country.

In the prospect of vision and efficiency of the teachers joined the organization have been trained to educate them in such a way to get professionalism with high rate of demand in the field of labour cost and intelligence of the applicant at any level.

The organization need paramount service from the associates not for the benefit of the themselves but for the bright carrier of the student joined this venture for the qualitative education subsequently become professional and at last proves as a cultured person of the place where ever stand in any group.

Vision of the organization is to prepare the school going children with following feature to create a best and colorful life in their youth stage with high level of prospect.
(a) Education
(b) Employment
(c) Culture

Educaion: It the very much essential to impart the every persons with this feature in their life not only for the point show off the Degree where as to enabled it in their life also. It is the primary factor to enlighten every students with high level of qualitative education.

Employment: It is the second stage where every body focus to become professional after qualitative education and this is such platform which alter the image and carrier of the youth as per the quality develop in them.

Culture: It is the stage where every thing is being counted on the interaction with third persons as imposed if impressed some one with their nature and habit .