Parents Courses

Train in Parenting – WHY?

  • Development of  a child is one of the most crucial responsibilities that we parents wishes to fulfil for their bright future.
  • In order to do this job with high integrity, a parent as such, has no concrete guidelines and rule books to refer to.
  • All a parent can rely on  his natural instincts, experience shared by other parents and some so called expert advice.
  • Parenting skills courses don’t just provide expert knowledge but actually train the parent in proven techniques.
  • Training helps in becoming proficient at the use of such parenting techniques and tools.
  • Training provides a basic framework on which a parent can work keeping in mind the nature and circumstances of the child.
  • Once a parent gets trained, parenting is not left to sheer chance and an unending cycle of trials and errors.
  • To train is to have the right know-how and also the confidence.
  • To be trained is to be prepared.

Parenting Courses

Train in Parenting- FROM WHERE?

  • Enrol for the parenting course How to make your Children Listen to you? at  SRDO under Education Society to train in parenting.
  • SRDO is a leading institution in the area of education and training.
  • We have a number of  trained teaching professionals at every village and block, serving for the most reputed educational institutes all over the world due to such innovative idea of teaching and learning.
  • Around 1000 families from around 20 villages have made use of our parent courses to lead better and happier lives on the occasion of inauguration.

Train in positive parenting techniques– SRDO- WHO ENROLL….

  • Stay-home Mothers
  • Working Mothers
  • Fathers
  • To-be-parents
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Educators (irrespective of their role)
  • Child Care-givers
  • Child Counsellors
  • Entrepreneurs of Child care facilities
  • Anyone interested in child care and development

Positive Parenting Course

Train in Parenting – FROM VES – WHAT FOR?

  • Our parenting courses train in ‘parenting skills’ that are meticulously researched and developed.
  • Entire content has been conceptualized by an expert team of psychologists, researchers, educators and trainers.
  • The skills cover some of the most vital aspects of parenting.
  • These skills are practical and instantly applicable unlike philosophical ideals which may pose difficulties when put to practice.
  • Skill training is much better than just reading a book, or surfing a website, or attending a seminar, or enrolling for said course etc.
  • This positive parenting course is not only informative, but also stimulating and enjoyable.

Train in Parenting – FROM SRDO- WHAT’S THE GAIN?

After you train with us, you will be able to

  • Raise your children more effortlessly and find parenting much more enjoyable.
  • Forge happier, healthier and more satisfying relationships with your children.
  • Understand your children and their feelings better.
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make children cooperate willingly.
  • Resolve conflicts easily and peacefully.
  • Create limits while maintaining goodwill.
  • Praise in a manner that helps the child build a positive self-image.
  • Establish a loving, caring and respectful environment around children.

Train in Parenting – FROM  SRDO- HOW?

  • The workshop will be conducted through 2 separate exhaustive sessions either at our locations or specified places decided by the Management .
  • Each session will be facilitated by a proficient facilitator.
  • The sessions will facilitate experiential learning in a group.
  • The skills will be revised, discussed and practised through role-play, audio-visuals, and questionnaires.
  • Experience and ideas will be shared amongst the group.
  • Hand-outs and manuals shall be supplied.