Life Flame Foundation Trust Regd is a not for profit public society managed by a group of socially responsible, selfless, philanthropists in the era of technology edge cutting with a vision to fulfil the dream by charity to the unprivileged people of the country without any discrimination of caste creed, race or religion . The Trust was formed in the year 2015 under the Indian Trust Act, Besides providing job on different portal, one of the main objectives of the Trust is to elaborate the magnitude of the tiny touts in the enlargement of mental power by providing study at their door step and undertake them to the level of scientific research on all aspects of education and in particular to investigate reason behind its incidence, prevalence, distribution, cause, symptoms and to promote its scope in specially in rural and in semi urban area of the Nation under the provision of Our constitutional right as a citizen of this country cure.

SRDO (Special Research Development Organisation) is a visionary project of Life Flame Foundation Trust aimed at providing the best of Educational Care to those who need it by means of providing tuition by our own recruited and trained teachers to the socially, educationally and financially un privileged group of the society under umbrella agreement. At the apex level is the Governing Council for governance and management committee for managing affair of the organisation SRDO except the all types of Books of accounts.

The Organisation started functioning with soft opening in the various part of the Nation without any financial aid just to serve the education oriented people vice versa. However, it was formally inaugurated by the then, President of Trust, in the presence of the needy students specially from the different part of the un privileged area Initiated as a Mile Stone Pilot Project for the Nation as well as organisation, it has been growing steadily and has never looked back.

Presently, it is a vision to recruit Teachers at village level to strength the research level education and middle level management, with state of the art facility for the creating Jobs after completion of Training being a premium organisation not only in capital but also in the entire country. Since its inception, the has proved its capability as a Centre of excellence and has so far registered more than lakhs of aspirant, hailing from different states of the Nation. A large number of socially and educationally un privileged unemployed are also utilizing the facilities of our Organisation.

It has executed strategic role with our various renowned institutes to cater the requirement of the basic level standard of the education in the society. This has catapulted into a global league to select many educational institute that are pioneers in new approaches to provide education for all unprivileged students.